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I know most of you are having a difficult time raising the cash(well if you are like I was anyway) to pay for your certification. With course costing in excess of $3,000.00 and books costing what they do, and not to mention the high cost of the Transcender Exams. I thought I would point you in some of the directions you can use to supplement your income. Below I have included links to companies on the web who will pay you to help them advertise. These are called affiliate programs and some of them are worth checking out. All you basically need to do is create a web site and promote their products on your site. You can do all this without spending any money, I also found you will gather a great deal of experience by creating and maintaining a web presence. Can you think of anywhere this experience might come in handy?

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Commision Junction allows you to use several different afflilate programs with only one account to keep up with. I haven't heard any thing but great reviews about Commision Junction. All their programs are free to join.

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